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Elliott Wave Theory is Not a Theory
{ nor is it a Religion! }

In the whole spectrum of Technical Analysis the one constant is personal preference. There is such a variety of methods and indicators and even settings of indicators that to have your own personal choice is not unusual and is encouraged. When it comes to Elliott Wave Theory, however, it’s a different story. Be prepared to choose sides (and face ridicule)!

This kind of reminds me of the intersection of Main and Church Streets, Anytown, USA where there are three Protestant churches and a restaurant and the only one who can talk to everybody is the waitress. Oh how we love our dogma, testosterone and forum ‘rep’. (I’ll have the apple pie, please.)

All that aside I can attest that by definition Elliott Wave Theory is Not a Theory. It has rules and these can and have historically aided analysts in arriving at phenomenal and timely market forecasts. This makes it an Applied Science. Have there been errors made? Yes of course, just as in any science. As one buzzes by, you can insist the ‘rules’ of aeronautics still do not apply to the bumblebee – they shouldn’t be able to fly.

I have also personally witnessed extreme precision in adherence to waveform rules even on a tick chart during an FOMC interest rate announcement. Now that alone would rankle some who insist that there is nothing but randomness in markets. That’s ok. I have learned to take the stance that I refuse to allow anyone to argue with me unless they can prove to me that they know what I am talking about. Enough about me.

No trip down the Mountain with Tablets of Stone

The publishing of rules and guidelines made by RN Elliott, the author, was titled, “Elliott Wave Principle”, not theory. Since that time it has had its validity challenged and some have relegated it to a “Theory”. Even so, accepted or not, healthy science should consider that there was nothing etched in stone.

The elements of the Wave Principle were developing at the same time the foundation upon which it stood was evolving. Just over five years before the publication of the book in 1938 hourly data became available for the first time. Elliott said this was necessary to observe the minor and minute waves. That only supplies a view of the picture covering a span of roughly Weeks to Quarters. Additionally there were changes along the way of which most are not aware.

We now have the ability to plot charts instantly and observe many degrees of scale completely unavailable to Elliott all the way down to tick data. Consider it possibly quite significant that while he primarily dealt with 7 degrees we now have 6 degrees underneath those on which we can identify waves forming. Remember all 6 of those extra degrees Fill In and Identify the upper 7 degrees.

Perhaps it is within the realm of possibility that errors of past analysts can be attributed to an incomplete understanding or observation of what the waves are actually doing and that the unveiling of such a vast amount of extra detail might help. That is exactly what has occured but the rules themselves have both helped to make great forecasts AND hindered the identification of what went wrong when they failed.

We now have a New Elliott Wave Rule to help in making Elliott Wave trading and market analysis Profitable Trading. I believe that this information belongs to traders everywhere and hope it helps in your trading decision making.

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Elliott Wave Rules Upgraded and Previewed S&P 500 Drop Last Week.

Well at least the New Elliott Wave Rule did!

It may very well be that through some very hard and tedious ‘extensions’ guesswork an EW technician could have made that call as well. The simpler counting technique which eliminates that altogether is what this analyst prefers.

Why make it more difficult than it needs to be? ( KISS – It’s not like trading and forecasting is easy so the simpler the better, right? )

In our Forum we have a detailed count picture for the Latest S&P500 Count. This shows an uncomplicated view and you’ll want to read the book to find out how you can apply this method. It is just what the waves are doing so of course you want to be “In on it”.

No matter whether you are already using a Forex Trading System or a Stock, Futures or Commodities trading setup the global viewpoint is enhanced by a correct wave analysis. No longer is this so cumbersome that the answer is almost not worth the effort as is commonly the complaint about traditional Elliot Wave methods.

See How it will Improve Your Trade Decisions in Forex, Stock Markets or Commodities.

Start Making Better Entries!


It is NOW possible to Achieve Definitive Wave Counts.

Prepare to have your whole Elliott Wave paradigm revolutionized.

Please be sure to download the book to find out how the Elliott Wave Rules have been upgraded.

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Get Latest DOW Count

Your Must See DOW Count from New Elliott Wave Rule

Does going lower mean we are falling into the abyss? Definitive Wave Counts is what this is about. Most are Unaware of the New Rule.

What good are Elliott Waves if they do not show you Exactly where you are?

Get Your Road Map – a Benchmark Count

Find out what clarity awaits you with the New Elliott Wave Rule.

Come on inside and see what this looks like.

Get Latest DOW Count Here

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Forex’s Sterling Revelation

Forex Can’t Hide Count from New Elliott Wave Rule

Cracking Forex Wave Counts is what this is about. One thing that formerly was trouble for Forex Traders that use Elliott Wave is lack of data. There are enough things against the trader without having a shortage of information.

In Elliott Wave you must have the higher degree complete in order to know where you start. Wave identification is critical because if you don’t start right you won’t end up right. The only thing is that with over 30 years of data there is only a partial corrective formation present.

Imagine possessing a Road Map – a Benchmark Count

Enter the New Elliott Wave Rule and one of its ‘Sterling’ benefits, Wave Differentiation. This allows you to see the difference in waves by the strict criteria that is allowed only under the New Elliott Wave Rule.

Come on inside and see what this looks like.

View Cable 30 Year Benchmark Count

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The New Elliott Wave Rule
shows the DOW Made its Move Today!

Today the Dow

Did anyone tell you?

What will this mean for your Stocks, FOREX Pairs, Commodities?


Were you aware that today marked a major turn for the DOW?

Check your relative strength, vix or your whatever you watch. It will not tell you when a market turns.

Of Course you can read about it Three WEEKS from now in the Weather Forecast type articles that are everywhere. You know, the ones that tell you the dollar is weak or strong when all you need to do is look at a chart.

The New Rule is In Effect – Come and SEE:
New Elliott Wave Rule Forums

Get information that Counts!

This is the First New Rule for Elliott Wave in 70 Years.

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This is the First New Rule for Elliott Wave in 70 Years.

New Elliott Wave Rule - Achieve Definitive Wave Counts - TS Hennessy 2009
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TS Hennessy - Author of The New Elliott Wave Rule

TS Hennessy

In 1997 I began a journey into the world of technical analysis and that sparked a cool discovery of a numerical gem. That fun adventure just kept revealing previously undiscovered marvels.

My trading started out like everyone else's did – lots of hard lessons to learn. That is just how we get better.

This is no ordinary Elliott Wave manual. YOUR wave analysis view is about to burst wide open.


"Thanks for the ebook. Interesting stuff.

I took a stab at trying to incorporate the new rule in marking up a chart.

It's the first time that I've been able to mark up a wave that seemed to make sense, and, to do it without getting lost somewhere in the middle of the count... and give up in frustration."

"I read your E-book with great interest and more than a little skepticism, therefore I was almost annoyed when your method appeared to work perfectly the first two times I used it."

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