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Wave personalities
01-26-2010, 01:08 AM
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Wave personalities
Such a lot to unlearn! With the old testament guidance notes are given as to the character of waves, which have undeniably proven useful as a guideline. Of course the character of wave 4's could change radically using NEWR, because a relatively small wave 3 may be followed by an RTb which extends way beyond the end of the third. I suspect it may even adhere in some instances to the acceleration channel you get with third waves; which coming to think of it may be why nobody solved the extension conundrum sooner.

Having got lost on the dollar:euro yesterday I must admit it was by squinting, using old counting methods and wave characteristics which got me back on track after a day of head scratching. Do you still use these wave characteristics for clues or are they yet more baggage best discarded?
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01-26-2010, 10:32 AM
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RE: Wave personalities
Wave charachteristics are not used by myself at all. I would if they told
me something the waves themselves didn't but I do not find that to be
the case.

I will grant that perhaps the interpretation of that may be argued since
I use the breaking of a trendline to look for certain wave counts but I
then follow through by actually counting. An RTB 4th's C wave may
break a trendline before it is finished but it doesn't mean it has finished.

I could mention that the A wave is commonly simple but it could be
complex and so does knowing the tendency help or hurt? Dodgy

It may be a good thing to post a pic so we can look at what you meant
about getting back on track.

What I mean is that if waves have ever given you trouble before
then there must have been times when you got back on track then too.

Were you getting on track or did the planets come back into alignment
once again with your viewpoint?

Most wave techs truly do get back on track but it is with a method that
allows multiple possible outcomes due to an indeterminate situation.

So as far as a scientific method, reliance on the feedback is actually
flawed. That doesn't mean it wouldn't work. As I said in the book the
disscussion wouldn't be taking place now if the problems were

Where I would want to look in such a pic is if your larger degree was
fully counted out with the NEWR and then move from there.


TS Hennessy
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