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Elliott Wave Rules Upgraded and Previewed S&P 500 Drop Last Week.

Well at least the New Elliott Wave Rule did!

It may very well be that through some very hard and tedious ‘extensions’ guesswork an EW technician could have made that call as well. The simpler counting technique which eliminates that altogether is what this analyst prefers.

Why make it more difficult than it needs to be? ( KISS – It’s not like trading and forecasting is easy so the simpler the better, right? )

In our Forum we have a detailed count picture for the Latest S&P500 Count. This shows an uncomplicated view and you’ll want to read the book to find out how you can apply this method. It is just what the waves are doing so of course you want to be “In on it”.

No matter whether you are already using a Forex Trading System or a Stock, Futures or Commodities trading setup the global viewpoint is enhanced by a correct wave analysis. No longer is this so cumbersome that the answer is almost not worth the effort as is commonly the complaint about traditional Elliot Wave methods.

See How it will Improve Your Trade Decisions in Forex, Stock Markets or Commodities.

Start Making Better Entries!


It is NOW possible to Achieve Definitive Wave Counts.

Prepare to have your whole Elliott Wave paradigm revolutionized.

Please be sure to download the book to find out how the Elliott Wave Rules have been upgraded.

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This is the First New Rule for Elliott Wave in 70 Years.

New Elliott Wave Rule - Achieve Definitive Wave Counts - TS Hennessy 2009
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TS Hennessy - Author of The New Elliott Wave Rule

TS Hennessy

In 1997 I began a journey into the world of technical analysis and that sparked a cool discovery of a numerical gem. That fun adventure just kept revealing previously undiscovered marvels.

My trading started out like everyone else's did – lots of hard lessons to learn. That is just how we get better.

This is no ordinary Elliott Wave manual. YOUR wave analysis view is about to burst wide open.


"Thanks for the ebook. Interesting stuff.

I took a stab at trying to incorporate the new rule in marking up a chart.

It's the first time that I've been able to mark up a wave that seemed to make sense, and, to do it without getting lost somewhere in the middle of the count... and give up in frustration."

"I read your E-book with great interest and more than a little skepticism, therefore I was almost annoyed when your method appeared to work perfectly the first two times I used it."

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